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Now on Open access publications from transcript Independent Academic Publishing

transcript Independent Academic Publishing is one of the leading publishers in the humanities in the German-speaking world. Since July 2020, around 250 transcript Open Access publications have been available on directly via the Finding literature index of the specialist portal. In addition to the integration of Open Access Gold publications, transcript and the FID AVL also cooperate in the field of secondary publication.

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New on CompaRe: Publications from the ICI Berlin

The ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry is an independent research centre. It cooperates with the FID AVL to disseminate announcements of its events and fellowships in the Comparative Literature research community via Additionally, publications from ICI Berlin Press, particularly the "Cultural Inquiry" series, are made available open access via CompaRe.

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New on CompaRe: Series of conferences "Digitalität in den Geisteswissenschaften" ("Digitality in the Humanities")

The series of conferences „Digitalität in den Geisteswissenschaften“ investigates the way digital transformation modifies objects, central questions and epistemes of disciplines pertaining to the Humanities. Contributions to the conferences are published in edited volumes. From the third volume on, these are published on CompaRe.

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New on CompaRe: Studien der Paderborner Komparatistik

The series "Studien der Paderborner Komparatistik", edited by Prof. Dr. Jörn Steigerwald and Prof. Dr. Claudia Öhlschläger, presents of research conducted at the Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn. The volumes are published open access via the Paderborn University Library's repository and are additionally archived on's publication service CompaRe.

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#flattenthecurve: Social distancing, home office and working digitally help to cushion the Corona pandemia's effects. is, as its name suggests, a digital service. Thanks to that, we can keep offering our platform for scholars in Literary Studies! Our team is workin from home, and all our portal's functions are kept available.

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Jetzt Open Access: „Komparatistik“ Ausgabe 2017 und „Colloquium Helveticum“ Nr. 47/2018

In Kooperation mit dem Aisthesis Verlag (Bielefeld) erscheinen auf CompaRe "Komparatistik. Jahrbuch der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (DGAVL)" und "Colloquium Helveticum", das Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (SGAVL), in Open Access. Nun sind "Komparatistik" Ausgabe 2017 und "Colloquium Helveticum" Nr. 47/2018 verfügbar!

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Jetzt Open Access: Zwei Sammelbände aus dem ZfL

Der FID AVL macht Publikationen aus dem Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung (ZfL) in Berlin open access zugänglich. Sie erscheinen nach einer "Moving Wall" von drei Jahren auf dem Fachrepositorium CompaRe. Nun sind zwei neue Bände verfügbar.

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Now Open Access: Nitzke, Schmitt (ed.), 2012: Katastrophen. Konfrontationen mit dem Realen. Essen: Ch. A. Bachmann Verlag.

On CompaRe, publications from the publishing house Ch. A. Bachmann are made available in open access on a regular basis. New this month: Solvejg Nitzke and Mark Schmitt (Ed.), 2012: „Katastrophen. Konfrontationen mit dem Realen“.

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