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  1. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 14.08.2022
    Symposium zum 70. Jahrestag der Nacht der ermordeten Dichter
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Am 12. August 2022 jährt sich zum 70. Mal die Nacht der ermordeten Dichter, der Höhepunkt der stalinistischen Verfolgungen jüdischer Intellektueller. Mit Dovid Bergelson, Peretz Markish, Itsik Fefer, Dovid Hofshteyn, Leyb Kvitko und anderen wurden...

    Fields of research Eastern European literature (Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine)
    Created on: 08.08.2022
  2. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 01.09.2022
    Transnational Drama within and beyond Europe, 1450-1750
    Submitted by: Dinah Wouters

    Conference: Transnational Drama within and beyond Europe, 1450-1750 AMSTERDAM AND ONLINE (HYBRID) Find the programme and information on Register by sending an email to

    Fields of research Textual criticism, editing, codicology,  Digital Humanities,  Literary historiography and 5 more
    Created on: 28.06.2022
  3. Category: Workshops, seminars
    Beginning: 01.09.2022
    Workshop | Spectral Temporalities/Spectral Communities. Thinking Hauntologically about Premodern Literature and Culture
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Organised by Simon Godart, Research Area 3: "Future Perfect", and Henry Ravenhall (University of Cambridge). Derrida’s Spectres de Marx (1993), punning on ontologie, introduces the term hantologie to account for the dislocated temporal...

    Fields of research Literary theory,  Literature and philosophy,  Aesthetics
    Created on: 05.08.2022
  4. Category: Various (summer schools etc.)
    Beginning: 08.09.2022
    International Summer School "Visions of Europe. Cinema and Migration in Contemporary Germany", Rutgers University (08.-10.09.2022)
    Submitted by: Elisa Ronzheimer

    International Summer School: Visions of Europe. Cinema and Migration in Contemporary Germany (08.-10.09.2022, Rutgers University, NJ, USA) Organizers: Regina Karl, Elisa Ronzheimer In the past decade,...

    Fields of research Literature and media studies
    Created on: 28.07.2022
  5. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 09.09.2022
    Small Forms. Aesthetics – Media – Modernity
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Transatlantic Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium 09/09 – 11/09/2022 Small Forms. Aesthetics – Media – Modernity Cornell University A cooperation between the Institute for German Cultural Studies (Cornell University) and...

    Fields of research Literary historiography,  Literary genre,  Literature of the 17th century and 4 more
    Created on: 12.08.2022