E-journal hosting with OJS

avldigital.de offers the Comparative Literature research community a hosting service for open access journals and other regular digital publications such as papers or monograph series.

The hosting service uses Open Journal Systems (OJS), a web-based platform for online journals. OJS has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project as an open-source software; more than 10,000 journals worldwide are issued using this platform as a base.

E-journals made easy

With our OJS hosting service, we are able to provide a range of services for our collaboration partners which support you in setting up a state-of-the art online journal:

  • Technical setup, maintenance and regular OJS updates on a server that is always accessible
  • Advice and practical support in the conceptualisation and design phase and in getting your journal(s) up and running. Topics include:
    • the layout of the website (selection and ordering of the contents)
    • editorial workflow
    • web design
    • indexing your journal (e.g. via an interface with the Directory of Open Access Journals)
  • Setting up a DOI namespace for the journal for free, along with processes to automatically register new articles and/or submissions
  • Advice and practical support in listing the contents of your journal in library catalogues, in BASE, and other similar archives to increase its visibility
  • Simultaneous long-term archiving of the published articles via CompaRe (click there for more information)
  • Listing in the avldigital.de  catalogue index
  • Free of charge – the hosting service is subsidised by funding from the German Research Foundation and is operated by the Frankfurt University Library.
  • Contractual warranty for the hosting of the journals even after our project funding has ended

Change over or get started now

Would you like to create a new, contemporary, easy-to-maintain online site for an existing publication? Or do you have an idea for a new publication?

Download e-journal hosting contract (German only)

Our OJS hosting service is aimed at editorial boards of existing, free-of-charge e-journals, as well as universities and research institutes, research groups and projects which would like to start a new journal of this kind.

OJS is also suited to other publications which appear periodically, such as research papers or monograph series.

We are happy to provide you with detailed advice – contact us!

OJS: More than just a makeover for e-journals

OJS offers more than just a platform for new journal projects or a new look for an existing online journal: the software makes it possible to create a browser-based version of the entire editorial review and publication process of an electronic journal, including the peer-review process, proofreading and correction loops, and much more.

Please find detailed information on OJS on the Public Knowledge Project's (PKP) website. PKP is developing OJS, among other open source publishing applications.

Our e-journals

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