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  1. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 01.01.2020
    Transitions: New Directions in Comics Studies
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    CALL FOR PAPERS: TRANSITIONS 9 – new directions in comics studies 2020 BIRKBECK COLLEGE LONDON Saturday 21st March 2020 We are delighted to announce a call for papers for the Transitions 2020 symposium. Transitions is a platform for emerging research in comics that is free to attend and participate in. This event is focused towards postgraduate and early career speakers, and usually draws a diverse crowd of both new and more established researchers, as well as...

    Fields of research Comic
    Created on: 11.11.2019
  2. Category: CfP/CfA publications
    Abstract submission deadline: 15.01.2020
    Science Fiction and Shakespeare (Edited Collection)
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    We are seeking contributions from scholars in various disciplines to submit proposals for chapters to be combined into an edited collection on Shakespeare’s influences on modern day science fiction. Shakespeare’s influence on literary genres is profound to say the least, however, for some people, the association with modernity and popular culture often blinds the reader from any connection to Shakespeare and the English Early Modern Period. Evidence from science fiction belies this position...

    Fields of research Literature from UK and Ireland,  Literature and cultural studies
    Created on: 11.11.2019
  3. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 07.01.2020
    Camp/camp: the collision of style and biopolitics (22nd Annual Graduate Student Conference)
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Camp/camp: the collision of style and biopolitics “The more we study art, the less we care for nature.” Oscar Wilde The Department of Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, and The Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at Western University invite abstracts for the 22nd annual Graduate Student Conference on “Camp/camp,” which will be taking place March 26-28, 2020. The ambiguous nature of ‘camp’ means that it summons different meanings dependent on one’s frame of...

    Fields of research Feminist studies,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postcolonial studies and 7 more
    Created on: 11.11.2019
  4. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 10.01.2020
    Re-visioning Frankenstein: Illustrative, Pictorial, and Digital Adaptations
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    This panel will address illustrative, pictorial, and digital treatments and adaptations of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The novel has a 195-year history of illustration and depiction in a wide range of visual arts, media, and technologies—from the 1823 cover of Richard Brinsley Peake’s play Presumption to the first issue of the comic series Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter (February 2019). The novel’s “hyperadaptability” in visual form, to adopt Dennis Perry’s term, extends to a wide range of modes....

    Fields of research Literature from UK and Ireland,  Literature of the 19th century
    Created on: 11.11.2019
  5. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 31.12.2019
    The General and the Particular in the Contemporary World. Philosophical, Anthropological, Theological, Empirical, Aesthetic and Political-Economic Implications
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    In the age of globalization and transcultural networking, and of growing nationalism and isolationism, the dichotomy of universalism and particularism becomes a central focal point for scientific, cultural, political, religious and social debates. Are there universal values and rules that can be declared binding for all people worldwide, in all cultures, religions and societies? Or should we regard particularism and cultural relativism following the achievements of postcolonial theories as an...

    Fields of research Interdisciplinarity,  Literature and cultural studies,  Literature and theology/study of religions and 3 more
    Created on: 11.11.2019