... the specialised repository for Comparative Literature

CompaRe is the centralised open access service provided on, the SIS Comparative Literature (FID AVL)’s online web portal.

CompaRe stands for Comparative Literature Repository and is specially tailored to the Comparative Literature community. Scholars, Comparative Literature research institutes and projects, and publishers in the field can make new material, or material which has already appeared elsewhere, available online using CompaRe.

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Our info sheet gives you all the information you need at a glance (in German only).

Why CompaRe?

CompaRe offers you all the advantages of a specialised open access repository:


The more visible your publication is – in catalogues, indices, and citation systems – the more frequently it will be found. A (re-)publication on an open access platform will not only increase your visibility: open access publications are cited significantly more often than those with restricted access.

Every document on CompaRe can also be found via – the centralised online resource supplying the Comparative Literature research community with specialised information. The documents are also automatically indexed as online publications in the German National Library (DNB), as well as being listed by Google and in the Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), one of the world’s largest open access indices.

We will catalogue your publication in accordance with librarian standards and scientific criteria. The metadata thus assigned will improve the documents’ searchability in other library catalogues and search engines.

CompaRe only indexes qualified material which has already appeared in professional publications and gone through editorial or peer review (scholarly journals, anthologies, monograph series), if the material is being published a second time in CompaRe.  First publications are generally by authors who work in literature or cultural studies departments at universities or publicly funded research institutes.

CompaRe is integrated into the infrastructure of the Frankfurt University Library’s DINI-certified repository. Each document is also archived on the German National Library’s server and is assigned a URN (unified resource name). These measures mean it can be clearly identified, linked and cited – over the long term.

When your material is published and archived on CompaRe, you grant us the simple right of usage to your publication. The rights to usage beyond this (e.g. publishing your material elsewhere) remain entirely with you. It is possible to publish material using Creative Commons licences.

The SIS Comparative Literature is subsidised using funds from the German Research Foundation and is entirely free of charge. CompaRe is not subject to any restrictions regarding access.

For general information on open access publication, please go to What you need to know about open access.