About us

The Specialised Information Service for Comparative Literature (SIS Comparative Literature) is being set up at the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The German Research Foundation is funding the project as part of the Specialised Information Services funding programme.

The SIS Comparative Literature is conceptualised as an informational service for all scholars working in the field of Comparative Literature. In developing and selecting these specialised information services, the SIS Comparative Literature has conceptual support from an Advisory Board of Scholars and various collaboration partners.

In close collaboration with research scholars, plans call for the setup of new infrastructures for research and communication in the field of Comparative Literature, and innovative services for comparatists. All services will be made available on the web portal avldigital.de. A beta version of the web portal went online in the summer of 2017. It was relaunched with a portfolio of new content and functions in December 2018.

Our focus is on the following tasks:

The specialised web portal avldigital.de is the core service of the SIS Comparative Literature. It is being established as a centralised online resource for research and the exchange of information in Comparative Literature. It includes an index-based search in selected catalogues and databases and a collaboratively operated information and communication platform, which features an Index of Researchers listing their fields of research in Comparative Literature, contact data, and current research projects.

The SIS Comparative Literature is positioning itself to be the primary resource and service for comparatists and publishers in the field by providing a technical infrastructure for open access journals as well as a specialised repository (CompaRe).

The project encompasses the acquisition of literature relevant to scholarship using a flexible acquisition strategy which accommodates current research trends in Comparative Literature. We are adding the option of patron-driven acquisition (PDA) as well as a selection of e-books for an exclusive user group.