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  1. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 26.07.2021
    IVG-Sektion: Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung I. Politik und Poetik
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Internationale Vereinigung für Germanistik - "Wege der Germanistik in transkulturellen Perspektiven" Sektion A3: Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung I: Politik und Poetik 26.-30.7.2021 via Zoom Leitung: Anne-Rose Meyer (Bergische...

    Fields of research Literature from Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  Literary historiography,  Literature and sociology and 6 more
    Created on: 05.07.2021
  2. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 29.07.2021
    Contemporary Womxn’s Writing and the Medical Humanities
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Date 29 July 2021, 9.00am - 31 July 2021, 3.45pm Institute Institute of Modern Languages Research Conference / Symposium Venue Online Description Organised by Rebecca Rosenberg ...

    Fields of research Literary theory,  Poststructuralism,  Feminist studies and 6 more
    Created on: 28.06.2021
  3. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 04.08.2021
    Haunted Landscapes of German Eastern Europe
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Registration is now open for the free, online conference Haunted Landscapes of German Eastern Europe (see CfP last circulated April 22). The conference will take place online from Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th of August, with panels from...

    Fields of research Literature from Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  Eastern European literature (Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine),  Eastern Middle European literature (Poland, Slowakia, Czech Republic, Hungary) and 1 more
    Created on: 12.07.2021
  4. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 12.08.2021
    Romantic Disconnections/Reconnections
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August 2021 & Thursday 19th and Friday 20th August 2021 Online and Worldwide The ongoing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic mean that the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) has delayed...

    Fields of research Literature from UK and Ireland,  Literary historiography,  Literature of the 18th century and 1 more
    Created on: 16.07.2021
  5. Category: Conferences, Congresses
    Beginning: 18.08.2021
    The Five Fires: an interdisciplinary exploration of fire as both a literal and a metaphorical element, Turku (Finland) & online
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Hybrid conference (online and in person in Turku, Finland) Fire, if uncontrolled, can rapidly cause massive destruction and devastation. On the other hand, even disastrous wildfires can leave behind better conditions for new life and, when...

    Fields of research Interdisciplinarity,  Literature and other forms of art,  Rhetorical figure (allegory, symbol, metaphor) and 1 more
    Created on: 26.07.2021