July 2020

New data sources on avldigital.de: union catalogues and collections from Berlin

avldigital.de is a supra-regional portal that serves to supply the Comparative Literature research community with scholarly publications and information. The catalogue index of the "Finding literature" module contained in the portal has recently been considerably expanded by almost three million bibliographic references of scholarly publications. This selection reflects the Comparative Literature collections of all university libraries in Germany. A focus is on the collections of two renounced libraries in Berlin.

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Now on avldigital.de: Open access publications from transcript Independent Academic Publishing

transcript Independent Academic Publishing is one of the leading publishers in the humanities in the German-speaking world. Since July 2020, around 250 transcript Open Access publications have been available on avldigital.de directly via the Finding literature index of the specialist portal. In addition to the integration of Open Access Gold publications, transcript and the FID AVL also cooperate in the field of secondary publication.

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New open access data sources on avldigital.de: BASE and OAPEN

Since July we have extended the selection of data sources integrated into the Finding literature index of avldigital.de. A special focus is on the integration of Open Access publications relevant to Comparative Literature. We obtain these from the aggregators BASE and OAPEN.

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