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  1. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 20.06.2019
    Breaking Boundaries. Academia, Activism and the Arts (Lisbon, 25-26 Sept. 2019)
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    The international conference Breaking Boundaries: Academia, Activism and the Arts proposes to bring into focus and critically question common grounds and boundaries between and within the Humanities, political activity and aesthetic production. Indeed, what is the role of the Humanities in our universities and in wider society today? How do - or should - they engage with other disciplines and with our contemporary political scenarios? As far-right movements gain popularity across Europe,...

    Fields of research Feminist studies,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postcolonial studies and 2 more
    Created on: 23.04.2019
  2. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 24.05.2019
    Screening the Sea - Die audiovisuellen Medien und das Meer
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Eine Konferenz des Fachbereichs Medienwissenschaft des Instituts für Neuere Deutsche Literatur und Medien der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in Kooperation mit dem Internationalen Meeresfilmfestival CINEMARE Kiel 23.–25. Oktober 2019 Call for Papers Das Meer. Metaphorisch aufgeladen in der Lyrik, Inspirationsquelle zahlreicher musikalischer Kom­po­si­tio­nen, Handlungsraum großer Epen der Kulturgeschichte, Topos der Malerei. Nach einer lan­gen kulturhistorischen...

    Fields of research Narratology,  Literature and media studies,  The fictional and 1 more
    Created on: 23.04.2019
  3. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 01.09.2019
    5th Historical Fictions Research Conference, Salzburg
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    The 2020 Historical Fictions Research Conference will be held the University of Salzburg, 21st and 22nd February 2020. Theme: The Forms of History Historical fictions can be understood as an expanded mode of historiography. Scholars in literary, visual, historical and museum/re-creation studies have long been interested in the construction of the fictive past, understanding it as a locus for ideological expression. However, this is a key moment for the study of historical fictions...

    Fields of research Literary genre,  The fictional
    Created on: 18.04.2019
  4. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 05.05.2019
    Übersetzung, Lokalisierung, Imitation und Adaption: Aspekte der Comickomparatistik
    Submitted by: Redaktion

    Übersetzung, Lokalisierung, Imitation und Adaption: Aspekte der Comickomparatistik 14. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Comicforschung 8.–10. November 2019 Erika-Fuchs-Haus | Museum für Comic und Sprachkunst Bahnhofstraße 12, 95126 Schwarzenbach a.d. Saale Ausrichtung: Dr. Christian A. Bachmann (Bochum), Dr. Juliane Blank (Saarbrücken), Dr. Alexandra Hentschel (Schwarzenbach a.d.S.) und Prof. Dr. Stephan Packard (Köln) Die 14. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für...

    Fields of research Literature and sociology,  Literature and cultural studies,  Literature and visual studies and 3 more
    Created on: 18.04.2019
  5. Category: CfP/CfA events
    Abstract submission deadline: 31.05.2019
    Interdisciplinary Conference: The Prolonged Death of the Hippie, 1967-1969 (University of Basel, 12-14 September 2019)
    Submitted by: Christian Hänggi

    2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of a historical period that arguably came to a close with the deaths at the Altamont Free Concert in 1969. The era of the hippie, or flower-power, or peace-and-love, has shaped our current times like few if any periods of such short duration. If these three years were eradicated from history, it is hard to imagine that women, people of color, or queer people would have the same rights today, de iure and de facto. In the cultural sphere, popular music,...

    Fields of research Literature from North America,  Interdisciplinarity,  Literature and cultural studies and 3 more
    Created on: 15.04.2019