Philipp Schwartz Initiative: short-term support in Germany for researchers at risk (special regulations & deadline for acutely endangered Ukrainian researchers)


Philipp Schwartz Initiative 

In brief

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative enables universities and research institutions in Germany to host researchers at risk on the basis of a full fellowship.

Exemption for Ukrainian researchers in view of the current crisis (see pdf in German)

In view of the crisis situation in Ukraine, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is making it possible for universities and research institutions in Germany to submit well-founded applications for Ukrainian academics who are acutely at risk, even during the current selection round of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. Against this background, the following exceptions have been made.

1. special deadline for nominations

Nominations for acutely endangered Ukrainian researchers can be submitted until 18 March 2022. Please note that nominations for other groups of persons are not covered by this, but must still be submitted by 4 March 2022.

2. special regulation on evidence of danger

In view of the acute exceptional situation, in consultation with the Federal Foreign Office, the requirement for proof of endangerment from a third party is waived. Instead, the individual risk situation is to be presented in the form of a personal statement by the nominee in German or English of up to one page. Existing evidence from a third party may be enclosed as a supplement.

3. additions to applications already submitted

Nominations for Ukrainian researchers can also be added to applications already submitted. Please submit the following documents:

- Covering sheet (Enclosure 3a)

- Individual nomination (Enclosure 3c) with attachments

- Financing plan (Annex 3e)

Normal regulation

Who can apply?

  • Support is available for researchers who are demonstrably at risk – irrespective of discipline and country of origin (all countries, excluding EU) – and
  • have completed a PhD or comparable academic degree
  • are not yet or have not been resident outside their own country for more than five years at the time of application;
  • have the language skills required to successfully conduct their research project
  • can provide proof of their academic qualifications in the form of relevant publications and
  • have the potential to be integrated into the (academic) employment marke

Type and extent of funding

Fellowship of 3,500 euros per month.


24 months, with the possibility of extension by 12 months.


Only academic institutions in Germany are entitled to apply. Researchers interested in the programme should contact eligible host institutions in Germany. Further information on the programme website (see link below).

Funding programmes of the Humboldt Foundation

Application and selection procedure 

Universities and research institutions in Germany can submit applications for the 11th call of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative until 4 March 2022. The results of the selection process will be published in early June 2022. We expect to be able to grant approximately 25 fellowships. The documents for the 11th call for applications can be found here:

Fellowships can be applied for in the programme line research fellowship or employment contract.  

We require the following documents (German or English):  

  • concept describing the strategy for hosting researchers at risk (institutions that applied successfully in a previous round do not need to re-submit)
  • application for a Philipp Schwartz Fellowship, including all required documents in the research fellowship programme line: fellowship calculation (in the contract employment programme line a lump sum will be calculated) financial plan 
  • The application must be signed by a member of the executive of the applicant institution (executive board, rectorate or similar) and sent by the project leader, password protected, to schwartz-initiative[at] 
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept electronic signatures, but we can accept documents that have been signed by hand and then scanned.  In view of the vulnerability of electronic communication and the sensitivity of the data transmitted, we urgently request that application documents be encrypted in e-mail correspondence. Alternatively, you can provide the documents via secure download link.
  • The decision on which applications are approved is taken by the Humboldt Foundation’s relevant, independent Selection Committee on the basis of the application package submitted. The selection is made according to the following central question:  Does the impression arise that from the combination of the  the concept of the host institution the professional fit between the guest and the intended scientific mentor (also with regard to the research project) scientific qualification of the guest commitment of the host institution to the nominated person concrete support measures on the part of the host institution and the mentor perspectives for the time after the end of the funding a promising new start in a scientific or science-related career in Germany, another country, or the country of origin beyond the Philipp Schwartz Fellowship seems likely?
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