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European Society of Comparative Literature (ESCL) / Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée (SELC)

The European Society of Comparative Literature/Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée ESCL/SELC is an association that has been actively promoting CompLit since 2003. Over time, it has gathered almost a 1000 members and over 4500 followers on Facebook. ESCL/SELC has organized 8 international biennial congresses attracting participants from every corner of the globe. ESCL/SELC aims to provide a European space for interdisciplinary dialogues about culture, literature and literary studies and to facilitate exchanges of ideas and information among scholars, promoting international collaborative research and teaching, generating relevant debates through publications and international conferences, enabling the circulation of students and staff, and generally supporting and internationalising the work of regional, national, cross-national associations of comparative literature.

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Fields of research

Literary historiography, Literary theory, Interdisciplinarity, Literature and other forms of art, Literature and cultural studies, Themes, motifs, thematology, Translation


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European Society of Comparative Literature (ESCL) / Société Européenne de Littérature Comparée (SELC)


Calls for papers

Special issue of CompLit: Journal of European Literature, Arts and Society, the Journal of the European Society of Comparative Literature, published by Éditions Garnier: European Popular Literatures and Their Sociocultural Implications; Narrations des origines dans le cultures du monde et dans les arts; Imagining inclusive communities in European culture / Imaginer des communautés inclusives dans la culture européenne / Immaginare comunità inclusive nella cultura europea
Date of publication: 16.12.2019
Last edited: 20.07.2020