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Live online lecture series "Cultures of the Crisis. Corona and beyond - Problems, Practices, Perspectives"


The current worldwide health crisis is also a crisis of social structures and cultural values. New national and cultural divides are arising, debates on solidarity and economic inequality are omnipresent, fake news are spreading, isolation leads to unprecedented social hardships.

In this lecture series, experts from Cultural Studies and related fields present analyses of these and other aspects of the “Corona Crisis”, provide broader perspectives on various cultures of crisis, and offer insights into cultural practices of coping with them.

The chair group European Culture and Literature is situated in the programme European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen. Its main research areas include narratives of crisis, cultural and social change, European crises, and literature and conflict.

Organization and contact: Dr Florian Lippert

Free access to the online lectures - Live and as recordings: https://www.rug.nl/research/research-let/onderzoek-per-vakgebied/europese-talen-en-culturen/live-lectures-cultures-of-the-crisis-corona-and-beyond


DateTimeTitle of the lectureSpeaker(s)Fri 24 April13:30-14:30 CEST

Cultural Narratives of Crisis and COVID-19: Metaphors, (Un)Solidarity and Political Profiteering

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Prof Dr Pablo Valdivia, Judith Jansma, MA and James Leigh, MAFri 1 May11:00-12:00 CEST

Stranger Things: Defamiliarization in the Time of COVID-19

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Dr Alberto GodioliFri 15 May11:00-12:00 CEST

Lockdown: Living in Microtopoi

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Dr Christian KirchmeierFri 22 May11:00-12:00 CEST

Back to the Roots: Corona and the Crisis of Connection

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Dr Vera AlexanderFri 29 May15:00-16:00 CESTExclusion versus Solidarity: Online Narratives of the Crisis in Latin AmericaElizabeth Pinilla Duarte, MAFri 5 June15:00-16:00 CESTLockup vs. Lockdown: COVID-19 in Latin American Prisons and the forced Reflection on Confinement as PunishmentDr Konstantin Mierau, in collaboration with Gonzalo Albornoz, MAFri 12 June11:00-12:00 CESTSouth Africa, Postcolonialism and IllnessDr Margriet van der WaalFri 19 June11:00-12:00 CESTCOVID-19 and FeminismDr Ksenia Robbe, Dr Jeanette den Toonder and Dr Ester JireschFri 26 June11:00-12:00 CESTSocial Crisis in Capitalist Chile: The October 2019 Protest and the COVID-19 Health CrisisJuan del Valle Rojas, MA

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Literature and cultural studies
Corona ; Krise




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