The Unwriting Machine: Medio and the Archive in Mario Bellatin

How to write without writing? What is a literary milieu outside of itself? How can we read a writing that proliferates by disappearing? Where does the archive end and the oeuvre begin? This project aims to explore the creative (un)writing process of the Mexican writer Mario Bellatin through the polyvalent concept of medio in order to reflect upon the figure of errantry in contemporary Latin American literary practices at large.

Closely engaging with the author’s living archive and his writing practice beyond literature, Cabrera will concentrate on how his works challenge the notion of writing as trace or inscription into a literary body. The development of the concept of medio will be the center of the project as it defines the mechanism of differentiation and transformation between diverse arts and materialities Bellatin uses to expose literature towards an exteriority of wild errancy.

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Ibero-Amerikanische Literatur (einschl. Karibik), Gender Studies/Queer Studies, Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies, Literatur und Visual Studies/Bildwissenschaften, Übersetzungstheorie
Mario Bellatin ; Schreiben ; Archiv




ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry

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ERRANS environ/s ICI Focus 2018-20


ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry
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