Komplitt: Forum for Comparative Literature

Komplitt: Forum for Comparative Literature is a research group based at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL) of Lund University. It was founded in 2013 with the aim to foster close collaboration among scholars across the 17 language sections at the Centre and promote interdisciplinary approaches to literary studies. Komplitt has established itself as the first and unique research group of its kind in Sweden, which is committed to bringing Scandinavian perspectives to the global development of Comparative Literature as a discipline. We organise research seminars, symposiums, conference panels and round-table discussions with invited guest speakers. We welcome all forms of collaborations and organisational partnerships.

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Nordeuropäische Literatur (Dänemark, Schweden, Norwegen, Finnland), Literaturtheorie
Comparative Literature




Lunds Universitet / Lund University
Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL)

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Subject Comparative Literature, Lund University
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