Program in Comparative Literature, University of Texas at Austin

Founded in the 1960s on the traditional philological and philosophical bases of the discipline, UT's Program in Comparative Literature has always displayed strengths in both European and non-European languages and literatures. Created by a group of innovative faculty from across the college who sought to create a rigorous interdisciplinary program of graduate study, it has embraced the challenge of theory inclusively.   Its fifty affiliated faculty members work in areas as varied as medieval pre-print culture, Persian cinema, Latin American Magic Realism, images of the African diaspora, sexual identity in the late nineteenth century and imperial aftermaths.  Our students come from more than a dozen countries.

Having been selected as the administrative home of the American Comparative Literature Association from 2002-2011, the Program embraced an ever more inclusive view of the field. With the resources of five federally-funded area studies centers and UT's nationally recognized foreign language programs, Comparative Literature at UT Austin is able to draw on a unique wealth of resources.

The Program in Comparative Literature has as its goal the cultivation of multilingual and multicultural critical understanding and literacy. (Read Our Mission Statement) Please visit the SCLA page.

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