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International Association of Word and Image Studies (IAWIS)

Founded in July 1987, the International Association of Word and Image Studies / Association Internationale pour l’Etude des Rapports entre Texte et Image (IAWIS/AIERTI) seeks to foster the study of Word and Image relations in a general cultural context, and especially in the arts in the broadest sense. To that end, the Association

  • advances research and teaching in the field of Word and Image relations at universities and other institutes of higher education;
  • organizes meetings devoted to subjects in the field of Word and Image relations, and a tri-annual International Conference on Word and Image;
  • initiates and advances contacts between members, both individual researchers and research groups, in their activities in the field of Word and Image studies;
  • maintains relations with national and international societies with aims related to that of IAWIS/AIERTI;
  • facilitates the exchange of ideas and information among those interested in Word and Image relations through a variety of channels, including this website.
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Literatur und andere Künste, Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies, Literatur und Visual Studies/Bildwissenschaften, Intermedialität


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International Association for Word and Image Studies (IAWIS)
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