Department of Comparative Literature, Brown University

The Department of Comparative Literature offers the study of diverse fields and cultures. Its faculty include: experts on English and American culture; classicists who study both the ancient world and its still living legacy on later periods; specialists in French and Francophone culture; scholars focused on peninsular Spain and Latin and South America; professors with German, Italian, Scandinavian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and modern Greek specialization; scholars committed to the study of post-colonialism; others interested in the philosophical principles underlying the nature of language; and scholars focusing on the history, practice, and theory of translation. Although these groupings suggest segregated interests and bounded specialties, the department’s hallmark is inclusiveness, interrelationships, bridge-making, and multiplicity; each professor works in several areas, several literatures, and often several disciplines. Department offerings and research make frequent use of linguistics, film, painting, music, philosophy, history, sociology, political science, and even medicine. Courses span the cultures of the world and historical periods ranging from antiquity to current time.
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Department of Comparative Literature
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