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Literature in the World: Material Networks of Books to and from Goethe’s Weimar


Literature in the World: Material Networks of Books to and from Goethe’s Weimar

A symposium organised by The Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar, and the English Goethe Society

New Seminar Room, St. John’s College Oxford, 7th-8th November 2019

Thursday, 7th November

14.00 Barry Murnane (Oxford) / Stefan Höppner (Weimar/Freiburg)

Opening Remarks

Moderator: Stefan Höppner

14.15 Tim Sommer (Heidelberg)

Material Exchange, Symbolic Recognition: Weltliteratur as Discourse and Practice in Goethe, Carlyle, and Emerson

15.00 Graham Jefcoate (Nijmegen)

John Henry Bohte’s “Faust Project”, 1820–1824

16.15 Mathelinda Nabugodi (Newcastle)

Goethe’s Faust in the last days of Shelley and Byron

17.00Elisabeth Herrmann (Warwick)

Effective Implementations: The Practical Side of Goethe’s Idea of World Literature

17.45 Caroline Jessen (Frankfurt/Oder)

Alienation as an Aesthetic Force: World Literature & German-Jewish Readers in Mandate Palestine/Israel

Friday, 8th November

Moderator: Barry Murnane

9.00 Mads Rosendahl Thomsen (Aarhus)

Goethe's Greek Gold Standard

9.45 Mohamed-Salah Omri (Oxford)

Disentangling the ‘Arab’ Goethe

11.00 Stefan Höppner (Weimar / Freiburg)

World on a Shelf: The Material Shape of Weltliteratur in Goethe’s Library

11.45 Berenike Herrmann (Basel)

Computationally Revisiting World Literature in German – The Kafka Case

12.30 Closing Remarks

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Literatur aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz, World Literature/Weltliteratur, Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts, Literatur des 19. Jahrhunderts
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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