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“The Aesthetics of Decay: Creative Modes of Destruction”

Deadline Abstract

Decay and destruction have long been sources of fascination, inspiration and contemplation in artistic and cultural contexts. From the crumbling ruins of ancient civilizations to the ravages of time on natural landscapes, from the haunting beauty of abandoned spaces to the transformative power of decay in artistic expression, this conference aims to explore the creative potential of decay and destruction across diverse disciplines and perspectives.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

The representation of decay in arts, literature, film, and media
Destruction as a creative act
Urban decay and industrial landscapes
Ruins and abandoned spaces
Decay as a metaphor for social, political, and cultural decline
Decay and memory: nostalgia, melancholy, and the passage of time
Digital or technological decay and the aesthetics of obsolescence
Environmental decay and ecological crisis
The politics and ethics of decay: decay as resistance, decay as renewal
Creative practices of destruction and renewal in architecture and design
The aesthetics of abandoned spaces and the beauty of imperfection
Decay as a psychological complexity and a physical inevitability
We invite submissions of abstracts for paper and poster presentations that critically engage with the theme of the aesthetics of decay from various perspectives.

Paper proposal forms should be submitted to

 Dr. Olena Lytovka

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Intermedialität, Poetik, Gattungspoetik, Ästhetik, Rhetorische Figuren (Allegorie, Symbol, Metapher), Stoffe, Motive, Thematologie




University of Madeira
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