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Shakespearean Anthologies

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Every five years, the World Shakespeare Congress regenerates understandings of Shakespeare across the world, bringing together scholars whose geo-cultural vantage points for working with Shakespeare both overlap and differ. A historical nodal point in global economies for Shakespeare, Singapore offers an ideal meeting point for the international aims of the Congress and for emerging cross-border practices and perspectives. The 11th World Shakespeare Congress will be held at the National University of Singapore. It will feature keynote speeches, panel sessions, seminars, workshops, performances, screenings, exhibits and social events.

Seminar: Shakespearean Anthologies

Organisers: Christa Jansohn (Bamberg University) – Reiko Oya (Keio University) –

Even before Shakespeare died, his poems and excerpts from the plays had appeared in anthologies such as The Passionate Pilgrim (1599), Belvedere, or The Garden of the Muses(1600), England’s Parnassus (1600), and Robert Chester’s Love’s Martyr, or Rosaline’s Complaint (1601). From this early stage, selective presentation focused on what is comparable or categorical in the excerpt rather than on the autonomy and complexity of the individual work. German anthologies from the nineteenth century onward also concentrated on selection and collection, and, even though these literary bouquets and exemplary collections were frequently and vehemently denounced as ‘idle excrescences on our literary tree’, the popularity of anthologies endured. This seminar discusses how anthologies disseminated Shakespeare’s work and, often via translation, created ‘Shakespeare’. Topics might include the role of the publisher, the distribution and reception of anthologies, the biographical background of the compilers and their interpretations of the texts.

Proposal submissions is 30 September 2020:

Proposals for seminar papers should include a title and an abstract of c. 300-400 words, including your affiliation, your e-mail and a very short CV (100 words): Please send submissions to

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Textgeschichte, Editionstechnik, Handschriftenkunde
William Shakespeare ; Anthologie





Hsin chia p'o kuo li ta hsüeh / National University of Singapore (NUS)


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