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(GSA 2024) Seminar:"Marxisms and German Studies"

Deadline Abstract

Marxisms and German Studies

48th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association

September 26–29, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia

Submission Deadline: February 23, 2024

In light of current political challenges like the climate catastrophe, the global resurgence of fascism, and the hegemony of capitalism, thinkers have been returning to Marx’s texts in order to contest and pluralize its legacies. Marxist perspectives continue to shape critical approaches from postcolonial studies to critiques of racial capitalism and ecocritical thought. While the work of Marx and the countless traditions that invoke his name are arguably more alive than ever, the relationship between German Studies and Marxisms remains curiously undefined. How can German Studies contribute to the crucial work of pluralizing Marxism, and what role can Marxisms play in defining the place of German Studies in an academy under increasing economic and political pressures? This seminar aims to expand understandings of what Marxism is and how German Studies can contribute to newly emerging debates in areas including Black Marxism, decolonial Marxism, feminist and queer Marxism, and indigenous Marxism.

In this seminar, participants will workshop materials such as chapter or article excerpts, dissertation prospectuses, book proposals, syllabi, or other texts relating to research and teaching on the seminar topic. Pre-circulated texts of no more than ten pages double-spaced will be due on September 12. 

Please submit an abstract describing your contribution to the seminar (500 words max), as well as a short biography (300 words max) using the OpenWater submissions portal by 11:59pm PST on February 23 (do not email applications to the conveners). We welcome graduate student applications. More information can be found here.

Conveners: Alwin Franke (, Carl Gelderloos (, Mari Jarris, (, Ari Linden (

Feel free to reach out to the conveners with any questions.

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Dr. Mari Jarris

Department of German Studies

Cornell University

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Literaturtheorie, Feministische Literaturtheorie, Gender Studies/Queer Studies, Postkoloniale Literaturtheorie, Ecocriticism




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