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(GSA 2024) Seminar: "Making Known the Unknown: Exploring Blind Spots in Crime Fiction"

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Seminar Call for Participants at the annual conference of the German Studies Association, September 26-29, 2024, Atlanta, GA. Submission deadline: February 23, 2024.

German-language crime fiction was recently made more accessible to an English-speaking audience through anthologies such as Kutch and Herzog’s Tatort Germany. The Curious Case of German-Language Crime Fiction (2014) and Kniesche’s Contemporary German Crime Fiction (2019). In this seminar, we will use the genre's traditional imperative to make known the unknown, or as Ernst Bloch suggests, to bring the misdeed into the light, in order to explore a variety of “blind spots” in German-language crime fiction. For example: What kinds of things are "made known" and which are left in the shadowy unknown? What are the epistemological boundaries that regulate access? How might the ability of the genre to restructure the storytelling process be responsible for its continuing success in print and on screen? How might (changes in) technology impact who has access to knowledge? How can we use crime fiction in undergraduate classrooms to explore questions of culture?

Participants will submit a 3000-word paper on a Krimi-related project by August 10th.  We will group the papers and a secondary article into three broader themes and discuss one each day. In addition to general engagement in discussions, participants will be paired and asked to provide feedback to their partner.

Applications are accepted from February 5-23, 2024 on GSA’s OpenWater submissions portal. Interested participants are asked to submit an abstract describing the nature of their contribution to the seminar (500 words max), as well as a short biography (300 words max). 

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Questions? Contact Traci O’Brien ( or Christine Rinne (

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