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Forum: German to 1700 – Modern Language Association (MLA) 2023 Annual Convention, San Francisco

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Call for Papers 2023 MLA Annual Convention – Forum "German to 1700"

The Modern Language Association (MLA) will hold its 2023 Annual Convention in San Francisco, CA, from 5 to 8 January, 2023.

Every year, the MLA Forum "German to 1700" hosts a series of panels dedicated to the field of Medieval and Early Modern German Studies. In order to foster transatlantic cooperation and partnership in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, we specifically welcome submissions from scholars outside of North America. We also strongly encourage graduate students to apply.

For the 2023 MLA Convention, we invite submissions to one of the following panels.


1. Open Session in Pre-Modern German Literature and Culture

We invite papers on current research in German literature or culture before 1700. We are particularly interested in research that poses questions, explores topics, or uses theoretical frameworks that foreground new directions in the field. Scholars of all disciplines (including, but not limited to, literature, history, art history, religion, music, gender studies, media studies), and at all stages of their careers are encouraged to submit.

Please send 150-word abstract, 50-word CV, and audio-visual requirements to Christian Schneider ( and Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand ( by March 4, 2022.


2. Cultural Responses to Global Connections (Sponsored by Pre-1700 LLC)

Ever since Immanuel Wallerstein's "The Modern World System" (1974), there has been a growing consensus that globalization is not strictly a modern phenomenon and rather existed in phases throughout history. This panel would like to explore pre-modern German reflections on globalization trends. Specifically, we are interested in two points: (1) observations of and opinions about growing long-distance connections and global networks in the pre-modern world; (2) cultural changes induced by globalization trends and their awareness and discussion in German sources.

Please send 150-word abstract, 50-word CV, and audio-visual requirements to Christian Schneider ( and Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand ( by March 4, 2022.


3. Nostalgia: (False) Memories of a Better Past (Sponsored by SGRABL, the Society for German Renaissance and Baroque Literature)

Early modern German texts frequently are critical of innovations of any kind, ranging from travel and spatial discoveries to global trade networks, the spread of print culture, foreign influences, the advancement of Roman law, to new fashions. Such innovations were often believed to weaken the moral character of Germans, which prompted a nostalgic backlash. We invite contributions that examine nostalgia for a better past, nostalgia projects that invoke false memories of a more wholesome and morally pure past, and generally memories of a desired and idealized past that never existed.

Please send 150-word abstract, 50-word CV, and audio-visual requirements to Peter Hess ( and Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand ( by March 4, 2022.

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Literatur aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz, Literaturgeschichtsschreibung (Geschichte; Theorie), Gender Studies/Queer Studies, Literatur und andere Künste, Literatur und Theologie/Religionswissenschaften, Literatur und Musik/Sound Studies, Literatur und Medienwissenschaften, Literatur des Mittelalters (6.-13. Jh.), Literatur der Frühen Neuzeit (14. und 15. Jh.), Literatur des 16. Jahrhunderts
Globalisierung, Nostalgie




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