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Environmental Literature, Climate Crises, and Pandemics (Journal LITERATURE)

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“Environmental Literature, Climate Crises, and Pandemics.” 

The new journal LITERATURE has finally been launched. Literature is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal on literature and cultural studies published quarterly online. 

ISSN: 2410 9789 

Mdpi waives up to 100% APC fees in new humanities journals.

Wecontinue to explore the relevance of traditional literature, but all kinds of approaches are encouraged, including the perspective of the literature classroom. We consider relationships between high and popular literature and other forms of story in mul timedia, social media, even video games.. However, our focus is on literature per se, “the best writing,” relegating theory and other disciplines to supporting roles.

The special issue “What Good Is Literature Now” is now more focused. The new title is “Environmental Literature, Climate Crises, and Pandemics.” No word count requirement. The deadline is extended to January 30 2022 but accepted articles are published immediately.

A few possible topics:

  • Can literature help us deal with the totally new possible terminal crisis of civilization and the extinction of almost all life on this planet, including our own?
  • Can literature help us see and feel the connections between pandemics and climate change summarized so well by the OneHealth commission.
  • What kinds and genres of literature are best for this purpose? literature or popular culture? Prize winning authors or neglected writers of science fiction? Print or electronic media? Mixed genre such as K. M. Robinson’s Ministry for the Future?
  • What is the role of literary criticism such as Amitav Ghosh’s Derangement and the Unthinkable?

Book Reviews As these final questions suggest, book reviews are welcome of

new books or original reviews of recent or neglected books.

Send inquiries to the editor: Prof. Jerome Bump,

or submit at

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Literaturtheorie, Ecocriticism, Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies, Erzählung



ISSN: 2410-9789



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Datum der Veröffentlichung: 07.01.2022
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