Neu auf CompaRe: Cultural Inquiry Band 19

Das ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry veröffentlicht regelmäßig die Bände der Reihe Cultural Inquiry auf CompaRe. Jetzt ist Band 19 erschienen, The Work of World Literature, hg. v. Francesco Giusti und Benjamin Lewis Robinson.


The contentious discourse around world literature tends to stress the 'world' in the phrase. This volume, in contrast, asks what it means to approach world literature by inflecting the question of the literary. Debates for, against, and around 'world literature' have brought renewed attention to the worldly aspects of the literary enterprise. Literature is studied with regard to its sociopolitical and cultural references, contexts and conditions of production, circulation, distribution, and translation. But what becomes of the literary when one speaks of world literature? Responding to Derek Attridge's theory of how literature 'works', the contributions in this volume explore in diverse ways and with attention to a variety of literary practices what it might mean to speak of 'the work of world literature'. The volume shows how attention to literariness complicates the ethical and political conundrums at the centre of debates about world literature.


Francesco Giusti and Benjamin Lewis Robinson: The Work of World Literature: Introduction

Derek Attridge: Untranslatability and the Challenge of World Literature: A South African Example

Lorna Burns: World Literature and the Problem of Postcolonialism: Aesthetics and Dissent

Francesco Giusti: Transcontextual Gestures: A Lyric Approach to the World of Literature

Benjamin Lewis Robinson: The World after Fiction: J. M. Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus

Rashmi Varma: Extracting Indigeneity: Revaluing the Work of World Literature in These Times

Dirk Wiemann: Being Taught Something World-Sized: 'The Detainee's Tale as told to Ali Smith' and the Work of World Literature

Jarad Zimbler: Working Conditions: World Literary Criticism and the Material of Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

Emily Apter: Afterword: Towards a Theory of Reparative Translation

Alle bisher auf CompaRe erschienenen Publikationen des ICI Berlin finden Sie hier.


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