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Identity in the ‘Post-Truth Era’ (GSA 2019 Seminar)

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Seminar description:

In the past years, the present has been described as a post-truth era, which has time and again been positioned as a legacy of postmodernity’s relativism and critical investigation of stable categories. At the same time, notions of identity and identity politics are currently deployed in different corners of the political spectrum, both polemically and pragmatically, and sometimes in an asserted postmodern lineage, with reference to performative paradigms.

Against the backdrop of this multi-directional constellation, the seminar wants to discuss which issues and/or possibilities arise for (minority) identities situated within a contested postmodern legacy and a post-truth present, which seems to question and forsake factuality in favor of a ‘perceived truth’ and emotions, while at the same time forcefully re-establishing a thinking based on dichotomies. The seminar focuses on an intersectional approach towards the identity categories of gender, race and disability within medial texts in German speaking countries.

Seminar format:

Participants will be asked to circulate works in progress (max. 20-pages) by September 1st, 2019 and to prepare a ten-minute statement for the seminar, which offers comments or questions for discussion. Additionally, we will circulate a reader with pivotal texts two weeks before the seminar in order to discuss them.

Please submit short abstracts (max 500 words) and a short bio (not longer than 100 words). Seminar enrollment opens on January 05, 2019, and applications are due latest by January 26, 2019. To upload your abstract and for more information please visit the GSA website at and

Please contact the conveners of the seminar with any questions: Linda Leskau ( and Tanja Nusser (

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Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies
German Studies, Identity politics, Post-Truth Era, Intersektionalität




German Studies Association (GSA)


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