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Glitch - Poetics of Error

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Annual Graduate Conference of the German Department at NYU, April 16th-17th 2020

Keynote Address by Svea Bräunert (University of Cincinnati)

In recent years, "glitch" has become a prominent subject in the arts and cultural discourse. Deviating from an aesthetics of perfection, accuracy and authenticity, glitch art and theory deals with malfunctions, perceived errors, the suspension of functionality, and lack of control over systems.

While media and cultural studies, as well as design and political theory, have addressed the implications of the glitch, it has received little, if any, attention in literary theory. Yet, within the literary field, it is common knowledge that a mistake, a slip, a misunderstanding is always hermeneutically charged, revealing meanings otherwise concealed.

In this conference we would like to inquire whether the concept of the glitch might serve as a critical tool for literary analysis, or vice versa: how literary texts shed light on the theoretical and aesthetic concept of the glitch. Where is a glitch located within the different typologies of mistakes, misspellings, Freudian slips, disorientations? If a glitch interferes with the systematic order, in what way then do malfunctions and disruptions have a political meaning? Moreover, what is the relation between resistance and error?

Alongside the political questions, we are especially interested in the aesthetic dimensions of a glitch: In what way is a glitch an expressive gesture? Can we formulate a poetics of the glitch?


We invite submissions from graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in German studies and all related fields in the humanities and social sciences. Possible topics for papers and seminars include but are not limited to: writing and spelling mistakes in poetry and fiction, mistakes in translation and interpretation, typographical mistakes, psychoanalysis and (Freudian) slips, mistakes and repetitions, disorientations and errors of navigation in literature, works that negotiate the relationship between "reality" and "fiction", truth and error, malfunction and technocracy, glitches and the hyperreal, hoaxes, misfires and embodiment.

Presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes in length. Please send a 300-word abstract and short bio to by January 30th, 2020. Accepted speakers will be notified by mid-February 2020.

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Literatur und Psychoanalyse/Psychologie, Poetik, Übersetzung allgemein




New York University (NYU)
Department of German
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