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transcript Independent Academic Publishing is one of the leading publishers in the humanities in the German-speaking world. Every year, the publishing house publishes around 400 new publications in German and English. The backlist consists of over 4,000 titles in print and digital. One of the main focuses of the programme is literary studies. For some years now, transcript has been strongly committed to the open access sector and offers around 800 titles freely accessible on its online platform.

Since July 2020, around 250 transcript Open Access publications have been available on directly via the Finding literature index of the specialist portal. The selection includes not only the programme area of literary studies but also other disciplines, including art, media, culture, dance and theatre studies. The incorporation is achieved by integrating titles from the OAPEN platform into, to which transcript supplies the references of its Open Access publications.

In addition to the integration of Open Access Gold publications, transcript and the FID AVL also cooperate in the field of secondary publication. transcript allows authors to make publications like contributions to edited volumes available via specialist repositories such as CompaRe. In order to strengthen this aspect of the Open Access transformation and to emphasize the active role of the publisher in this process, secondary publications by comparatists on CompaRe, which first appeared in a transcript volume, are now presented in a separate collection.

As an infrastructure project for the provision of scholarly information, the Specialised Information Service Comparative Literature sees itself as an advocate for the Open Access transformation within the subject. For this reason, we seek collaboration partners not only at the level of scholarly institutions, but also in scholarly publishing, in order to promote this transformation at all levels. Further collaborations along the lines of our collaboration with transcript Independent Academic Publishing and our other partners in the field of publishing are always welcome!


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