New registry of dissertations for Comparative Literature

On, the Specialised Information Service Comparative Literature (Fachinformationsdienst Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft, FID AVL) now offers a new registry of dissertations for Comparative Literature, in cooperation with the German Association for Comparative Literature (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft, DGAVL).

The registry is a means to give a concise introduction to your doctoral thesis project. Thus, scholars at the beginning of their career can network, gain an overview on what topics are currently being worked on, and can make their contribution to research in Comparative Literature visible early on. When a dissertation has been concluded, information on its publication and on reviews can be added.

We invite all PhD and postgraduate students working on a doctoral thesis project with a focus on Comparative Literature to enter their project into the registry of dissertations. Please find the registry here:

All supervisors of currently conducted doctoral thesis projects are also invited to forward this information to their students and encourage them to enter their project into the registry.

This is how it works:

On the above mentioned page, please click the button "Enter new thesis". You will access a form that allows you to enter information on your thesis project into the registry: There are detailled instructions on how to fill out the form under the "Help" tab.

Before entering your thesis, you need to have set up an account in the Index of Researchers of To do so, please follow this link: After successfully setting up your account, please return to the page

If you have any questions, or should you encounter any difficulties while entering your thesis project, please feel free to contact us via dissertationen(at)!


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