New on CompaRe: Publications from the ICI Berlin

The ICI Berlin is an independent research centre. The Institute enacts an expansive and deliberately dissonant understanding of culture. Postdoctoral fellows are invited from across the globe to spend two years at the Institute to pursue their individual projects in varied disciplines, but also to shape, advance, and probe the Institute’s core project in a weekly research colloquium as well as by collaboratively organizing workshops, symposia, and conferences. Parallel to its ongoing research colloquium, the ICI Berlin organizes a variety of performances, panel discussions, art events, and readings, welcoming diverse audiences living in or passing through Berlin. It also welcomes cooperations with partner institutions and other research projects.

The ICI Berlin cooperates with the FID AVL and uses to disseminate announcements for events and fellowships within the Comparative Literature research community. Additionally, the ICI Berlin's publications are now made available open access via CompaRe.

Several of the ICI's publications had already been available open access on its web page. With the decision to consequently publish the series "Cultural Inquiry", as well as further publications from ICI Berlin Press in open access, the institute takes an even more active stance in the transformation to freely accessible online publications. Due to the cooperation with the FID AVL and to archiving on CompaRe, the publications become visible in a subject-specific context.

Find here all publications from the ICI BErlin that are available via CompaRe.


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