New function on Export to reference management software

Generating a bibliography and managing your citations is the beginning and end of every scholarly project. Numerous researchers trust in reference management software, known to them since their time as students. Be it Citavi, EndNote or Zotero, be they proprietory or open source, be they useable for digital newcomers or for LaTeX geeks only: Once you start collecting, sorting and managing your citations and references in a reference management app, you are very unlikely to return to chaotic text files or hand-written notes.

With the Finding literature offers a specialised catalogue for research literature and information in Comparative Literature. To support comparatists in their work, this catalogue now includes a means to export bibliographical references for use in reference management software.

Try it yourself: Type in some search term in the field "Start search" on top of the page and hit the magnifier-button. Then, click on the filter "publications" on the left to display bibliographic references only. The export function is situated in the tab "Export" in each reference:

The export is available in the RIS as well as the BibTeX format. Both file formats are supported by popular reference management programmes such as Citavi, EndNote, Zotero or Mendeley.

Currently, some content of the Finding literature module cannot be exported this way: Not included are the research data from TextGrid as well as the repository CompaRe.

References from the latter can be exported a different way: In a CompaRe reference, click on the tab "Access", and then on the "Link for citation". On the opening page, click on the link beginning with "". Here, you will find a means to export the reference to RIS and BibTex, as well.


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