New features for Networking and the Index of Researchers

The Networking module is the interactive information and community platform for Comparative Literature on Scholars in Literary Studies and research coordinators in the field can post calls for papers, announcements of conferences and other scholarly events, or vancancies and scholarship announcements.

Furthermore, Networking offers information on academic institutions with a focus on Comparative Literature, on publicly funded research projects, graduate schools and research groups, and on specialised web resources. We are welcoming suggestions in these categories, as well.

And of course, Networking includes our Index of Researchers: Here, all researchers in Comparative Literature can register and set up a profile with information on their institutional affiliation and their research interests.

Not a filter bubble, but new insights: Filter posts to Networking

Over the last weeks, we have updated the way information is displayed on Networking. On the module's gateway page, all posts can now be filtered. Apart from the categories mentioned above, the new filter options are the following:

  • Filter by fields of research - See all Networking posts that have been tagged with one of the 110 methodical/thematical, chronological or geographical fields of research.
  • Filter by institution - Display all announcements from a particular university or a research institute.
  • Filter by city and country - In what cities and what countries are conferences held, or positions offered? These filter options allow for precise results.

Of course, all researchers that have set up a profile in our Index of Researchers are listed in this view of Networking, as well. This makes it easy to find out which colleagues are doing work in a specific field, e. g. Postcolonial studies.

What's most important on top: Sorting options in the categories of Networking

In the individual categories of Networking (Calls for Papers, Events, Vacancies and scholarships, Projects and research, Institutions and Websites), you can enter all sorts of valuable information: deadlines and dates, weblinks, contact persons, links to other posts ...

To enable you to see the most important information at a glance, we have implemented advanced sorting options, adding on or replacing the standard sorting by posting time:

  • Calls for Papers are now sorted by the nearest deadline for an abstract. You can also sort by the beginning or place of a conference and further criteria - see for yourself!
  • Events are also sorted by the nearest beginning, but can also be sorted by institution and city.
  • For Vacancies and scholarships, as well, sorting by the nearest application deadline is pre-selected. You can also sort by employer.
  • Institutions und Projects and research can now be sorted by university or institution and by title.
  • Websites can also be sorted by title.

Stay up to date right from the start: Subscribe to the newsletter when registering to the Index of Researchers

You are surely familiar with the newsletter. Apart from the Twitter channel @AVLdigital and the RSS-Feeds it is the foremost channel for disseminating all announcements posted on

Up to now, comparatists had to subscribe to the newsletter seperately. Now, it is possible to subscribe while setting up a profile in our Index of Researchers. Simply check the box at the end of the registering process:

"Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter and be updated on new announcements via e-mail."

You will then be automatically added to our newsletter database.

You already have an account in the Index of Researchers and would like to receive the newsletter, as well? Or you would like to receive the newsletter, but do not want to set up a public profile in the Index? No Problem - click here to subscribe to the newsletter without setting up a profile.

What do you think about our updates? Are they useful? What things on can be improved? We are looking forward to your feedback! You are welcome to use our contact form or to send a message to info(at)


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