New data source on Digi20

The transformation towards Open Access is in full swing. Not only newly published scholarly publications are made available and freely accessible online: Numerous projects are engaged in making printed books available digitally for free through retrodigitisation. One of the early projects in this field was Digi20, conducted from 2011 to 2014 at the Bavarian State Library.

The Digi20 project makes available online digital copies of research literature from the field of the humanities and social sciences that is not in the public domain, with a focus on monographic works. The titles come from programme segments of the publishing houses Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Wilhelm Fink / Ferdinand Schöningh and Otto Sagner.

On, all 5.250 titles have now been added to the "Finding literature" module's catalogue. Your hits from Digi20 can be opened directly via the "Access" tab. Even though the selection covers the humanities in general, Digi20 comprises numerous titles with a focus on literary and cultural studies or art history.

And what's best: All contents will remain freely available and will not (contrary to many other scholarly e-book packages that are currently made accessible for free) be taken offline when the Corona pandemia is over.


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