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#flattenthecurve: Social distancing, home office and working digitally help to cushion the Corona pandemia's effects. avldigital.de is, as its name suggests, a digital service. Thanks to that, we can keep offering our platform for scholars in Literary Studies! Our team is workin from home, and all our portal's functions are kept available.

Networking in Comparative Literature works digitally

We are happy to support you in announcing changes in the scheduling of your events via our Networking module. Feel free to use our web forms to disseminate updates on conferences, seminars, workshops and summer schools, or post calls for papers for rescheduled or newly organised events.

Via our communication channels - the avldigital.de newsletter, our Twitter channel @AVLdigital and our RSS-Feeds - we take care to get your announcements out in the world. Only video conferences still need to be organised by you. ;)

Digital supply of literature

Closed libraries mean: No access to printed books. Here, also, your bet is on the digital. Via the Finding literature module, you can find more than 10.000 e-books, e-journals and online publications. With our FID licenses, you can gain access to two exclusive e-book packages.

In the current situation, we learn to appreciate the value of scholarly publications that are accessible digitally, and to all. That is why we call on all comparatists, to take action for the open access transformation, now more than ever! We support you with our open access services for scholars: On CompaRe, you can make your publications accessible digitally. Our E-Journal-Hosting-Service allows you to edit journals, series and similar publications online. All from the home office.

But most importantly: Stay healthy. Look after yourself and those dear to you. #flattenthecurve.

All the best,

The avldigital.de team


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