Arbeitsstelle für Theorie der Literatur, University of Göttingen

Research Department for the Theory of Literature

The Arbeitsstelle is situated at the Chair of Literary Theory (Prof. Dr. Simone Winko). Its aim is to stimulate and support projects in the field of basic research in literary studies, to bring together research in the field of literary theory and to provide suitable tools to promote literary theory studies. Since 2007, the Arbeitsstelle has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the database Annotated Bibliography on Literary Theory (


The cooperation between the Arbeitsstelle and the FID AVL focuses on an exchange of content and operational exchange: The Arbeitsstelle will use reference data from FID acquisitions with a focus on literature theory to expand its bibliography. In addition, an optimisation of the German National Library's vocabulary of keywords for literary theory is planned in exchange with the Arbeitsstelle. It is also to be involved in a leading role in the design of the "Literary Theory" thematic portal.

The Arbeitsstelle für Theorie der Literatur on the Networking module.