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  1. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: University of Kent
    Centre for Modern European Literature, School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent
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    Many of the most significant European writers and literary movements of the modern period have traversed national, linguistic, and disciplinary borders. Founded on the shared research interests of staff in the School of European Culture and Languages (SECL) and other schools in the Faculty of Humanities at Kent, the Centre for Modern European Literature aims to promote and to facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research that can do justice to precisely these kinds of border crossings....

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur der Benelux-Länder,  Literatur aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz,  Literatur aus Großbritannien und Irland , und 5 weitere
    Erstellt am: 21.02.2019
  2. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Universidade de Lisboa (ULISBOA) / University of Lisbon
    Centro de Estudos Comparatistas (CEC), Universidade de Lisboa
    Beitrag von: Redaktion avldigital.de

    The Centre for Comparative Studies (CEC) is a scientific unit of the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon. Its activities encompass the comparative analysis of literatures, arts and cultures, using interdisciplinary methodologies and highly theorised approaches. CEC’s scientific identity is strongly grounded in the fields pertaining to Comparatism within the Humanities (Culture Studies, Literary and Artistic/Interart Studies, in dialogue with the Social Sciences). Spatial...

    Forschungsgebiete Literaturtheorie,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postkoloniale Literaturtheorie , und 6 weitere
    Erstellt am: 08.04.2019
  3. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: University of Oxford
    Comparative Criticism and Translation Research Programme, University of Oxford
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    Comparative Literature is changing. Its Eurocentric heritage has been challenged by various formulations of World Literature, while new media and new forms of artistic production are bringing urgency to comparative thinking across literature, film, the visual arts and music. The resulting questions of method are both intellectually compelling and central to the future of the humanities. To confront them, our research programme brings together experts from the disciplines of English, Medieval and...

    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018
  4. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: University of Glasgow
    Comparative Literature Programme, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow
    Beitrag von: Redaktion avldigital.de

    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018
  5. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Turun yliopisto / University of Turku
    Comparative Literature, Faculty of Humanities, University of Turku
    Beitrag von: Redaktion avldigital.de

    The research profile of Comparative Literature is wide-ranging both in terms of its theoretical scope and in geographical and temporal terms. The research topics range from the 17th century to the present. There is on-going research on British, German, French, Russian and Estonian literature as well as on North American, Caribbean and Latin American literature. The theoretical scope includes questions of literary theory, aesthetics, the relation of literature and philosophy, the problematics of...

    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018