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  1. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Binghamton University
    Department of Comparative Literature, Binghamton University
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The Department of Comparative Literature at Binghamton has a long-standing reputation for its progressive approach to literary studies and is especially known for its strengths in modern literature, literary...

    Erstellt am: 26.08.2022
  2. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Bloomfield College
    Department of English, Humanities Division, Bloomfield College
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    When you major in English, you gain knowledge and skills in writing and speaking, which positions you well for a successful career in any field. Our program has one concentration: Literature. You’ll be ready to become a writer, an editor, a...

    Erstellt am: 19.08.2022
  3. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Brandeis University
    Comparative Literature and Culture Program, Brandeis University
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The Comparative Literature and Culture Program engages the study of literatures and cultures within and across national boundaries. It comprises the comparative analysis of literary and cultural texts not only in relation to genres, forms, and...

    Erstellt am: 19.08.2022
  4. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Brigham Young University
    Comparative Literature, College of Humanities, Brigham Young University
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Erstellt am: 19.08.2022
  5. Rubrik: Außeruniversitäre Einrichtungen
    Institutionen: British Society of Aesthetics (BSA)
    The British Society of Aesthetics (BSA)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The British Society of Aesthetics (BSA) aims to promote study, research and discussion of the fine arts and related types of experience from a philosophical, psychological, sociological, historical, critical and educational standpoint.

    Forschungsgebiete Ästhetik
    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018