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The Department of Literary Studies in its current constellation came into being on 1 January 2011. Our members conduct research into a wide range of literatures in modern and old languages. Shared research focus areas and methodological fields of expertise are presented on our staff pages. More detailed information about our research can be found in the fully searchable database under “projects”, which contains both ongoing doctoral, postdoctoral and team projects and an archive of the recent past. The menu on the left will further take you to the programme of our bi-monthly Literary Studies Workshop, to information about publications by department members and about the journals for which they take up editorial responsibility. Members of the department collaborate in often interdisciplinary UGent research groups. Our research is moreover embedded in interuniversity research communities such as GOLIATH and OLITH, strategic partnerships like U4 (Ghent – Gottingen – Uppsala – Groningen), and in academic networks such as ENN, ESSE, MLA, Esprit, IVG, GSA, the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals and the International Society for Cultural History

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Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies
Literary Studies


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Ghent University (UGent)
Department of Literary Studies

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Projekte und Forschung

Novel Saints. Studies in Ancient Fiction and Hagiography; Novel Echoes. Ancient Novelistic Receptions and Concepts of Fiction in Late Antique and Medieval Secular Narrative from East to West; Agents of Change: Women Editors and Socio-Cultural Transformation in Europe, 1710-1920; Painting Themselves: A Transnational Approach to National Self-Portraiture; Antigone in/as Transition. A Study on the Performing Arts Status Quo in Europe (in its Transcontinental Contexts); Literary and Intellectual History of European Romanticism in China (1894-1937); Reassembling Modernism: Anglo-French Networks, Periodicals, Literary Analysis; Hybrid literature, hybrid agency: the status of the literary text in Edward Said’s cultural analysis; Imagining Climate Change: Fiction, Memory, and the Anthropocene; The Voices of Literature: Radio, Periodicals, and Cultural Conflict (1922-1939); Conjuring Phantoms: A Comparative Study of Trauma in Comics; Poet-Collectors during the Cold War: Poetry as Queer Archive; Enlightenment at War: Epic Poetry, the Citizen and Discursive Bridges to the Military (1740-1800); (Re)writing the Machine: Modernism, Gender and Technology; Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in Cyberspace: Fan Fiction and Cognitive Narratology

Stellen, Stipendien

Two fully-funded ERC PhD studentships (4 years each), ERC project "Novel Echoes. Ancient novelistic receptions and concepts of fiction in late antique and medieval secular narrative from East to West", Ghent University; Two postdoctoral positions and one research assistant post, ERC-project "Novel Echoes. Ancient Novelistic Receptions and Concepts of Fiction in Late Antique and Medieval Secular Narrative from East to West", Ghent University
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