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  1. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 17.04.2020
    Digital Heroisms
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Digital Heroisms (5th June, 2020) In partnership with the University of Glasgow’s Games and Gaming Lab (GGlab) “The power of the fantasy increases if it offers us something genuinely new and compelling. The limitations of our own corporeality can be abolished or the ground rules changed to give us new experiences.” Kathryn Hume, Fantasy and Mimesis Where readers once understood heroism through a Gilgamesh, a Frodo or a Katniss, the digital subject can now figure heroism...

    Forschungsgebiete Feministische Literaturtheorie,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postkoloniale Literaturtheorie , und 3 weitere
    Erstellt am: 16.03.2020
  2. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 31.01.2020
    Catholicism and Literary Culture in Scotland, Ireland, and England: Medieval to Modern
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    A Symposium: 2nd - 3rd June, 2020, University of Glasgow Keynote Speakers: Tom Corns (Bangor), Carol Herringer (Georgia Southern), Alison Shell (UCL) This two-day symposium funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh examines how Catholicism has shaped - and has been shaped by - literary writing in Scotland, Ireland, and England from the late-medieval period to the present century. The symposium takes a comparative and longue durée approach to a topic that is more usually examined in...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur aus Großbritannien und Irland,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies , und 9 weitere
    Erstellt am: 25.11.2019
  3. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 30.01.2020
    Reading #Instapoetry
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    University of Glasgow, May 27 th , 2020 Deadline for submissions: January 30th, 2020. Conference organisers: JuEunhae Knox (University of Glasgow) and James Mackay (European University Cyprus) One of the unexpected side effects of the digital age has been the revival of poetry as a popular art form. Rupi Kaur’s collection Milk and Honey has become an astonishing worldwide publishing phenomenon, but she is only the most high profile example of a new wave of poets...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Digitale Literatur
    Erstellt am: 15.11.2019
  4. Rubrik: Einzelprojekte
    Institutionen: University of Glasgow
    Travelling Texts, 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women's Writing at the Fringes of Europe (Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    his HERA-funded collaborative research project studies the role of women’s writing in the transnational literary field during the long 19th century. It explores in terms of gender cultural encounters through reading and writing that contributed to shaping modern cultural imaginaries in Europe. The systematic scrutiny of reception data from large-scale sources (library and booksellers’ catalogues, the periodical press) forms the basis for the study of women’s participation in this process. By...

    Forschungsgebiete Feministische Literaturtheorie,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts , und 2 weitere
    Erstellt am: 07.06.2019
  5. Rubrik: Forschergruppen
    Institutionen: University of Glasgow
    Decadence and Translation Network
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The Decadent Movement originated in France during the second half of the nineteenth century, when Decadent writers and artists turned away from social and artistic conventions towards elaborate, esoteric and transgressive forms of artistic expression. By the 1890s the movement had spread across Europe and exerted its influence upon British culture. The power and allure of Decadence influenced some of the most important writers of the period, such as including Oscar Wilde, Walter Pater, Arthur...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Übersetzung allgemein,  Übersetzungstheorie
    Erstellt am: 27.05.2019
  6. Rubrik: Stipendien
    Bewerbungsfrist: 24.06.2019
    MPhil (Master's) Scholarships (French/Modern Languages)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) of the University of Glasgow is offering two Dr Peter Davies Scholarships for Masters by research in the fields of French Studies and Modern Languages. Each scholarship is worth £5,000 and will therefore cover home/EU fees, which currently stand at £4,327.The submission deadline for applications is 24 June 2019 . Further information is available on the website of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures here: ...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies
    Erstellt am: 27.05.2019
  7. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 01.10.2019
    Thomas Bernhard: Language, History, Subjectivity
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    CALL FOR PAPERS Thomas Bernhard: Language, History, Subjectivity University of Glasgow Thursday 11 – Friday 12 June 2020 Supported by Goethe Institut Glasgow Keynote Speakers: Professor Rüdiger Görner (Queen Mary University of London) Dr Manfred Mittermayer (University of Salzburg) Conference Organizers: Katya Krylova (Aberdeen), Ernest Schonfield (Glasgow) Three decades after his death in 1989, Thomas Bernhard, one of the most significant...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur aus Deutschland/Österreich/Schweiz,  Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts
    Erstellt am: 07.03.2019
  8. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: University of Glasgow
    Comparative Literature Programme, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018
  9. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 24.08.2018
    Pirandello and Translation: Transfer, Transformation and the Transcultural
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The annual one-day conference of the Society for Pirandello Studies aims to embrace a wide variety of methods and approaches to Pirandello’s œuvre, and to bring together theatre professionals, critics and scholars representing a range of disciplines. This year’s conference focusses on translation and the transcultural in Pirandello. Particularly welcome are contributions that relate Pirandello’s texts to different media and/or genres. Abstracts of c.200 words (in English) for papers of 20...

    Forschungsgebiete Übersetzung allgemein,  Italienische Literatur
    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018