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  1. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 30.07.2019
    Auteurial (self)-enactment in contemporary literature, film and culture (PAMLA 2019)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    This panel seeks contributions on the relationship between creativity and fame, content and form, face and mask. Looking at various styles of self-representation of authors, film-makers or other cultural figures, in the building of fame we ask: What legitimates a work of art, success and fame in the era of voluntary and coercive digital self-exposure? What forms of resistance to self-exposure help foster success and myth in ironic fashion?

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Literatur und Visual Studies/Bildwissenschaften,  Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts , und 1 weitere
    Erstellt am: 24.06.2019
  2. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 10.07.2019
    British Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century (PAMLA 2019)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    We are seeking proposals for papers focusing on the literature, culture, and social history of the British/Anglophone long-eighteenth century. This general session entertains paper proposals on a wide variety of topics, but with consideration granted to papers that engage with the 2019 conference theme of "Send in the Clowns." The 117th Annual Conference of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association (PAMLA) will take place November 14-17, 2019 in San Diego, California. Please...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur aus Großbritannien und Irland,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts
    Erstellt am: 24.06.2019
  3. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 10.06.2019
    Vegetarianism and Violence: Reassessing Human-Animal Relationships Via Diet (PAMLA 2019)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    In Arthur C. Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, an ape named Moonwatcher becomes inspired by the monolith to use a tool to kill another animal for food. This story casts this moment as a triumph of survival over hunger, but it also unequivocally connotes the act as showing “evil intent.” If humans are the “moral animal,” but animal nonetheless, what obligation do they have towards other animal life? Must humans “transcend” omnivorous diets if possible? Does the “greatest good for the greatest...

    Forschungsgebiete Ecocriticism,  Literatur und andere Künste,  Roman
    Erstellt am: 31.05.2019
  4. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 10.06.2019
    21st-Century Literature (PAMLA 2019)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Nineteen years in, our twenty-first century literary traditions are beginning to take shape, and, indeed, it may be time to bring the unhelpfully named "contemporary" period to a close. Has our culture indeed shifted into a new literary period? What aspects of the new era provide it a sense of definition? Or, is the defining crisis that will launch a new literary period just on the horizon? The 9-11 Attacks, globalization/neoliberalism, the Anthropocene, the collapse of a post-Cold War détente...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Literatur des 21. Jahrhunderts
    Erstellt am: 20.05.2019
  5. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 10.06.2019
    Travel and Literature session- 20-21st century travel writing (PAMLA 2019)
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The travel and literature session welcomes proposals focused on travel, odyssey and mobility through a literary lens, with a special interest in 20th- 21st century travel writing. We are particularly interested in papers that take into consideration travel writing by authors better known for other forms of writing (novelists, poets, philosophers, essayists) and for whom travel, and travel writing, serve as a means to veer from their habitual modes of writing and allow them to experiment...

    Forschungsgebiete Ecocriticism,  Literatur und Anthropologie/Ethnologie,  Reiseliteratur , und 2 weitere
    Erstellt am: 20.05.2019