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  1. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 24.01.2020
    Figuring Magic Realism – International Interpretations of an Elusive Term
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Figuring Magic Realism – International Interpretations of an Elusive Term October 2, 2020 City University of New York, Graduate Center Ph.D. Program in Art History Keynote Speaker: Andrew Hemingway Professor Emeritus of Art History, University College London Call for Papers: In 1925, the German critic Franz Roh coined the term Magic Realism to describe the recent turn he identified in European painting from expressionist and abstract modes...

    Forschungsgebiete Literaturtheorie,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies , und 1 weitere
    Erstellt am: 09.12.2019
  2. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 30.01.2020
    Glitch - Poetics of Error
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Annual Graduate Conference of the German Department at NYU, April 16th-17th 2020 Keynote Address by Svea Bräunert (University of Cincinnati) In recent years, "glitch" has become a prominent subject in the arts and cultural discourse. Deviating from an aesthetics of perfection, accuracy and authenticity, glitch art and theory deals with malfunctions, perceived errors, the suspension of functionality, and lack of control over systems. While media and cultural studies, as...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und Psychoanalyse/Psychologie,  Poetik,  Übersetzung allgemein
    Erstellt am: 22.11.2019
  3. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 30.11.2019
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The Graduate Center at the City University of New York Comparative Literature Conference 24 April 2020 A F T E R L I V E S Long after an era, movement, or idea is declared over, its paradigms, resonances, influences and values live on in our social fabric. Whether we continue to let them act on us or we react against them, their afterlives extend into the future, echoing across our theoretical markers for their endings. Strict periodization is fraught and the...

    Forschungsgebiete Textgeschichte, Editionstechnik, Handschriftenkunde,  Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postkoloniale Literaturtheorie , und 8 weitere
    Erstellt am: 25.10.2019
  4. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: Columbia University
    Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS), Columbia University
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    The Center for Comparative Literature and Society was founded in 1998, taking stock of the diminished role of area studies programs after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It was time to notice that the area studies programs had interdisciplinarity built into them and generally practiced intensive language study. On the other hand, a humanities-based, generally Eurocentric comparative literature was offering theories of interpretation that would enhance the area studies approach. The goal was to open...

    Forschungsgebiete Literaturtheorie
    Erstellt am: 03.06.2019
  5. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 06.09.2019
    State of the Nation: Literary and Visual Nationalisms, Then and Now
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: DR. GRACIELA MONTALDO, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 25TH OCTOBER, 2019 // HUMANITIES BUILDING// STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, STONY BROOK, NY 11794 Among all modern political phenomena, nationalism, according to Perry Anderson, is the most value-contested, with judgments of its record ranging from admiration to anathema. Conceptions of the nation and the nation-state also vary widely from objectivist definitions based on ethnicity and race to postmodern concepts of...

    Forschungsgebiete Literatur und andere Künste,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies
    Erstellt am: 10.05.2019
  6. Rubrik: Wissenschaftliche Stellen
    Bewerbungsfrist: 01.04.2019
    Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow en Etudes francaises et Francophones
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Department of French and Francophone Studies The Department of French and Francophone Studies of Hobart and William Smith Colleges is seeking a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow to begin July 1, 2019. The initial appointment is for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. Our interests include, but are not restricted to, 20th and 21st century French and Francophone cultural studies, linguistics, sociolinguistics, French language pedagogy and...

    Forschungsgebiete Französische Literatur,  Literatur und Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies,  Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts , und 1 weitere
    Erstellt am: 07.03.2019
  7. Rubrik: CfP/CfA Veranstaltungen
    Deadline Abstract: 15.08.2018
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    DISPLACEMENT 2018 An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference Friday, 2 November 2018 The Graduate Center – City University of New York CALL FOR PAPERS In 1952, in his essay on the Goethian idea of Weltliteratur, Erich Auerbach stated that “our philological home is the earth: it can no longer be the nation. The most priceless and indispensable part of a philologist’s heritage is still his own nation’s culture and language. Only when he is first separated...

    Forschungsgebiete Gender Studies/Queer Studies,  Postkoloniale Literaturtheorie
    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018
  8. Rubrik: Hochschulinstitute
    Institutionen: New York University (NYU)
    Department of Comparative Literature, New York University
    Beitrag von: Redaktion

    In the Department of Comparative Literature, we examine the range of literature, its transmission, and its dynamic traversal of linguistic, geographic, cultural, political, and disciplinary boundaries. Our students adopt a global perspective and interdisciplinary outlook as they delve into literature from all over the world and explore its intersections with other media and disciplines, such as cinema studies, art history, philosophy, politics, anthropology, history, linguistics. Faculty members...

    Erstellt am: 12.12.2018