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  1. What is poetry?
    language and memory in the poems of the world
    Autor: Fabb, Nigel
    Erschienen: 2015
    Verlag:  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

    Titel im lokalen Katalog:
    Standort Universitätsbibliothek J. C. Senckenberg, Zentralbibliothek (ZB)
    Signatur: 90.584.54
    Ausleihmöglichkeit: uneingeschränkte Fernleihe, Kopie und Ausleihe
    Hinweise zum Inhalt
    Quelle: Fachkatalog AVL
    Sprache: Englisch
    Medientyp: Buch (Monographie)
    Format: Druck
    ISBN: 9781107001855; 1107001854
    RVK Klassifikation: EC 4350
    Schlagworte: Lyrik
    Umfang: x, 217 Seiten

    Bibliographie Seite: 192-213

    "Poetry, defined as language divided into lines, is found in most known human cultures. This masterful survey of poetry and its constituent components demonstrates the functions performed by metre, rhyme, alliteration and parallelism, arguing that each line of a poem fits as a whole unit into the limited capacity of human working memory. Using examples from around the world, Fabb surveys the wide varieties of poetry and the ways they are performed, including those in songs and signed literatures. Focusing on language, form and memory, he argues, helps us understand why poetry is a particularly valued way of using language. A fresh exploration of poetry, the book will be welcomed by students and researchers of literature, linguistics and psychology, as well as anyone interested in poetry"--