*** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** travail en cours *** trabajo en progreso *** lavori in corso *** 工作正在进行中 *** работа в процессе *** werk aan die gang *** punë në progres *** ገና በሂደት ላይ ያለ ስራ *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** التقدم في العمل *** աշխատանքի ընթացքի մեջ է *** tərəqqi iş *** Aurrerapen lan *** কাজ চলছে *** posao u izradi *** работа в прогрес *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** nga buhat sa pag-uswag *** arbejde der er i gang *** laboro en progreso *** töö käib *** trabaho sa progreso *** Työn alla *** traballo en proceso *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** მუშაობა მიმდინარეობს *** εργασία σε εξέλιξη *** પ્રગતિમાં કામ *** travay nan pwogrè *** aiki a ci gaba *** hana i ka holomua *** עבודה בתהליך *** कार्य प्रगति पर है *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** ua hauj lwm nyob rau hauv kev kawm *** ọrụ na-aga n'ihu *** obair idir lámha *** verk í vinnslu ***進行中の作業*** ing proses *** אַרבעט אין פּראָגרעס *** ಕೆಲಸ ಪ್ರಗತಿಯಲ್ಲಿದೆ *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** аяқталмаған жұмыстар *** treball en progrés *** ការងារក្នុងវឌ្ឍនភាព *** аткарылууда иш ***진행중인 작업*** u travagliu in u prugressu *** rad u tijeku *** kar berdewam e *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** ກໍາລັງດໍາເນີນການ *** darbs procesā *** darbas vyksta *** Aarbecht an de Fortschrëtt *** asa in fandrosoana *** kerja dalam proses *** പ്രവൃത്തി പുരോഗതിയിലാണ് *** xogħol li għadu għaddej *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** mahi i roto i te ahunga whakamua *** प्रगतीपथावर काम *** работа во тек *** хийгдэж байгаа ажил *** काम प्रगतिमा छ *** lopende werkzaamheden *** arbeid pågår *** ntchito ikuyendera *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** کار په جریان کښی *** کار در حال انجام *** Praca w toku *** trabalho em progresso *** ਕੰਮ ਚੱਲ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ *** în curs de execuție *** galuega i le alualu i luma *** obair ann an adhartas *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** pågående arbete *** basa mberi *** ڪم جاري آهي *** ප්රගතිය වැඩ *** dela v teku *** shaqada ee horumarka *** kazi haijatimia *** karya di kamajuan *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** кор дар пешрафти *** வேலை நடந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது *** పని జరుగుచున్నది *** การทำงาน ในความคืบหน้า *** в роботі *** munka folyamatban *** کام جاری ہے *** amalga ish *** In Arbeit *** work in progress *** công việc đang tiến *** gwaith ar y gweill *** незавершанае вытворчасць *** wurk yn útfiering *** umsebenzi uyaqhubeka *** ise ni ilọsiwaju *** umsebenzi usaqhubeka *** vos annakholat ***

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More than just a library catalogue:
Find research literature and further information resources relevant to comparative literature with our discovery system.

As diverse as comparative literature itself:
We develop our information supply according to a flexible profile, based on the requirements of current research.


Open Access with CompaRe:
Our repository for comparative literature is your partner for open access publishing – from conference reports to entire online journals.

E-Journals made easy:
We provide a free hosting service for open access journals, via the widely-used software Open Journal Systems (OJS).


Keep up to date:
You will be able to find and disseminate CfPs, job offers, scholarships, research reports and more on a collaborative platform.

Make yourself and your research known:
The researcher index will allow you to list your current projects and research foci and to find out who shares your academic interests.


FID AVL: Specialised Information Service for comparative literature

With avldigital.de, the FID AVL is developing a new online portal that will combine a specialised literature search tool with publishing and information services. Based on constant feedback with the research community, avldigital.de sets out to serve comparatists’ current needs for literature and information supply.

The project is being realised at the University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg in Frankfurt am Main from 2016 to 2019. A beta version of the portal will go online in summer 2017.

So far, the following institutions are supporting our work:

A scientific board of advisors is accompanying the conceptional development of avldigital.de.

The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) supports the project within the Specialised Information Services framework. This funding programme aims to develop new information infrastructures for accessing specialised literature and research-specific information and to offer innovative services based on constant feedback with the research community in each discipline.


Please find information on the FID AVL in a nutshell on our leaflet.
Please find additional information in this presentation. It was presented at the XXIst ICLA Congress in Vienna in July 2016.

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Thank you very much for your support!


More than just a catalogue

You want to get an overview of a topic? You are looking for a certain article? Or you need literature on a specific epoch?

Find literature relevant to your research and more with our search module’s powerful discovery system – as you would with a search engine. Sophisticated filtering options allow you to narrow down your hits according to your individual needs.

Through constant exchange with the research community, we provide the resources reseachers in comparative literature need in their current work on our integrated interface:

  • Selected catalogues of research literature
  • Digitised, specialised text collections
  • Open access publications in comparative literature
  • ToCs of the most important journals
  • Overviews of databases, e-journals
  • … and much more!

Online access and print

You didn’t find the book you were looking for? Suggest titles missing in our catalogue using our Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) Service.

Via inter-library loan, publications acquired by the FID AVL are available in other (German) research libraries.

Exclusive e-book-package: The FID AVL offers free access to a selection of e-books published by Transcript Verlag to authenticated users. Click here for more information:

New Acquisitions

Take a look at our monthly new acquistions. All titles are available via interlibrary loan (ILL).


As diverse as comparative literature itself

Our FID-catalogue is continuously expanded by new acquisitions from German and international publishing houses.

We acquire new publications according to a flexible profile, based on the requirements of current research and co-developed with our partners, our board of advisors and our users. We aim to cover current trends as well as traditional fields of work of comparative literature in Germany.

The guidelines for our collection profile are the following fields of research and terms:

Literary Theory and General Literary Studies Interrelations Forms and Themes in International Contexts
  • Poetics
  • Aesthetics of Literature
  • Semiotics of Literature
  • Methods / Methodology
  • Study of Literary Periods and Problems of Periodization
  • Intertextuality
  • Intermediality
  • Interartiality
  • Comparative Arts
  • Interculturality
  • Interlinguality
  • Translation Studies
  • Interdiscursivity
  • Literary Studies of Globalization
  • Literary Form: Inter- and Transnational History
  • Thematology, History of (Literary) Themes and Motifs
  • Genre Poetics and Comparative Genre Studies
Did we miss something? We are looking forward to your feedback! info@avldigital.de

Open access publishing made easy

Our Open Access Repository CompaRe is your partner for digital publishing!

CompaRe, short for Comparative Literature Repository, provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of services in terms of open access, tailored towards comparative literature.

Open access means free, unlimited access to research literature for everyone. All over the world, more and more scientists, research institutions and scientific publishing houses choose this option to disseminate the results of scientific work online. Open access increases the visibility of your research output and enables it to contribute to the current discussion instantaneously.

This is how it works:

  • We catalogue your publication according to librarian standards and subject-specific criteria, providing metadata that make the documents easier to find in other library catalogues and by search engines.
  • We archive the documents on our server. They are provided with a unique identifier (URN), making them permanently accessible and citable.
  • Each document on CompaRe can also be found on avldigital.de. Furthermore, it is also indexed as an online publication at the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, DNB).
  • Your publication’s metadata are transferred to BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), one of the biggest meta-search engines for academic documents on the web.

Discover CompaRe!

For the time being, CompaRe's archive can be reached at the publication server of the Frankfurt University Library.

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We will gladly provide you with detailed information on options for cooperation and will also advise you on planning an open access strategy for your institution.

Of course, individual authors are welcome to use CompaRe as a self-archiving option!


E-journals made easy

Give your online-journal an overhaul:

with the web-based e-journal management software Open Journal Systems (OJS). We support you with our OJS hosting service. It includes an introduction to the OJS-Software, as well as archiving and providing continued access to already published contributions.

Our service is addressed to institutions, research projects, publishing houses and research groups, with established e-journals that are published open access, or with ideas for an open access journal.

Our open access co-operation partners


Keep up to date!

Especially in interdisciplinary work, it can be difficult to keep up with all information sources– news services, blogs, mailing lists, newsletters … Imagine all their contents bundled in a single place!

avldigital.de is developing a collaborative platform that compiles important news from the research community in a single place. In a joint effort with our co-operation partners, we gather subject-relevant news and information, categorised by formal criteria:

  • Current news from the research community
  • Blog posts
  • Calls for papers
  • Conferences
  • Job offers and scholarships
  • Research reports
  • Projects
  • Websites
  • Institutes, departments, faculties

avldigital BLOG

In collaboration with the DGAVL and the ZfL Berlin, the FID AVL is already blogging news.

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Make yourself and your research known!

Networking with your colleagues at home and abroad? Want to find out who shares your research interests? Announce new publications? Easy!

Our researcher index will allow you to list the foci of your academic work, contact data and current research projects, and benefit from the following features:

  • Subscribe to fields of research in order to learn who shares your interests
  • Keep up to date on your colleagues’ new projects
  • Annouce new publications and make them accessible on CompaRe
  • Disseminate news about your project by simply adding them to your profile.